Hangzhou Weston Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Founded in 2005, Weston Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of nonwoven yarn that produces jumbo spunlace rolls and finished spunlace nonwoven wipes. We introduced from Germany and Italy 4 advanced lines of productions and learned spunlace technology from western countries. 1. A production line of wood pulp paper 2. Wood polyester spunlace laminating line 3. Wood polypropylene spunlace laminating line 4. Spunlace line of viscose and polyester The spunlace nonwoven wipes/fabrics we manufactured export to overseas all the year round, application for: -Surgical gowns & surgical drapes -Protective functional coverall -Printer cleaning wipes -SMT wipes -Auto blanket wipes & auto wipes -Industrial wipes(light/medium/heavy duty wipes) -Aerospace wipes -Electronics wipes -Food service wipes -Cleanroom wipes -Househould cleaning wipes -Beautycare wipes(facial mask sheet, make-up removal pads) -Wet wipes -Dry wipes -Etc