Company Profile
Zhongtai (Dangala) New Silk Road Textile Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Dangara City, Tajikistan. It is included in the China Tajikistan demonstration construction project. It has been put into operation in 2016 and has an annual production scale of 15,000 tons of compact spinning and OE cotton yarns. The company has a cotton production base of 15,000 hectares. The supply of raw materials is sufficient to meet the spinning demand, and the quality of raw cotton is guaranteed. The whole process is a complete set of world advanced equipment (Uster, Schlafhorst). Various cotton yarn varieties such as 10S-60S can be produced according to customer needs. The company adheres to the market concept of "high-end, quality, and pure natural" Transportation is guaranteed: under the leadership of the One Belt One Road, the superior geographical location, road, rail, sea and land combined transportation to Central Asian countries, Turkey, Russia and Europe.