Hiking Textiles Taian CO.,LTD
Company Profile
Hiking Textiles is located in Shandong, China, as a functional and innovative yarn supplier, we mainly supply: 1. Moisture wicking polyester yarns, 2. Cool Feeling, moisture wicking and anti-UV polyester yarns, 3. Cool Feeling, moisture wicking and anti-UV nylon yarns, 4. Thermal and Heating polyester yarns, 5. Thermal and Heating acrylic yarns, 6. Anti-Bacterial cotton yarns, 7. Anti-Bacterial and moisture wicking polyester yarns, 8. Anti-Bacterial nylon yarns, and many other functional and special yarns. Hiking Textiles keeps cooperating with textile universities such as Qingdao University, Donghua University to develop functional and innovative yarns with latest materials and technology. Up to now, we have applied for more than 20 invention patents and registered over 100 independent trademarks. Moreover, we are actively participating in the formulation of various industry and group standards such as BCI, OEKO-TEX, GRS, etc.