Shouguang Puer Chemical Co.,Ltd
Company Profile
Shouguang Puer Chemical Co., Ltd. is a cooperative enterprise of the Ministry of Education. With enterprise research and development as the subject and university research as the support, the company adheres to the research and development route of synergistic promotion of production, education, research and application. We have been focusing on the development and production of halogen-free flame retardants for many years. Now we have a number of invention patents of halogen-free flame retardants. We are one of the enterprises with the most development potential in the field of halogen-free flame retardants! Products are widely used in all kinds of wire and cable, carbon fiber, wood, silicone rubber, modified engineering plastics, flame retardant coating, textile cloth, polyurethane, rubber, copper clad plate and other fields. We have a good cooperative relationship with BASF, Formosa Plastics Group, DOMO Chemicals and other international famous enterprises.