Suzhou Yingda Textile Co., Ltd
Company Profile
Our company specializes in producing and selling all kinds of recycled and semi recycled products, such as chiffon, satin, elastic satin, Georgette, carrierite, seersucker, four side elastic, random, elastic Huayao crepe, smooth crepe, monofilament ragged cloth, ssy random, peach skin, suede, washed down, gaosibao, Huayao, jacquard cloth, memory cloth, imitation memory, rayon cloth, human cotton cloth, polyester taff, Rayon lining, coarse and fine twill, Oxford cloth, weft elastic cloth, four side elastic cloth, composite Chunya spinning, Chunya spinning, Nisi spinning, Taslon, satin, Shumei silk, wide satin, wide peach skin velvet, polyester / polyamide, nylon / cotton, cotton / polyamide, nylon / cotton elastic cloth, polyester / polyamide elastic cloth, T400 high elastic cloth, etc pearl light. Bright PU. Pu white glue, Pu transparent glue, PA white glue, PVC calendering, silver coating, resin finishing, film coating, air permeability, printing, calendering and embossing. Laminating, bronzing, crepe pressing, punching, laminating and other finishing make the product waterproof, antistatic, breathable, moisture permeable and quick drying. We sincerely hope to establish business relationship with customers at home and abroad, and welcome new and old customers to analyze and quote, Customized 13913714110 wechat