Suzhou Hayxan Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
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Suzhou Hayxan Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou City, China. It is an enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of special fiber agent, personal protection, industrial use and bio-polysaccharide products. It is the exclusive general distributor of Aramid products of Korean Xiongjin Group in China. The company's business scope mainly includes three aspects: 1) flame retardant fiber agent 2) research, development, production and sales of human body protection products, such as fire fighting clothes, police training clothes, flying clothes, furnace overalls, chemical protective clothes, arc clothes, welding clothes, bullet proof gloves, cut-proof clothes, explosion-proof clothes, non-metallic cable, sports rope, disposable protective isolation clothes, etc. Water-repellent, dust-proof and sweat-proof isolation clothing, aramid ballistic-proof cloth, high-strength and high-density polyethylene ballistic-proof material, electromagnetic radiation-proof cloth (clothing) and other products. 3) Industrial products, such as bullet-wave lead, automotive rubber hose base cloth and so on.
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Textile Raw Material
Man-made Fibres,Functional Yarn,Others
6 - 10
Below US$1 Million
US$2.5 Million-US$5 Million
Eastern Europe
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