Chengdu smier Trading Co., Ltd
Company Profile
Company Name: Chengdu Simel Trading Co., Ltd Main products: bamboo fiber towel, bamboo fiber socks and so on Chengdu Simaier is a trading company engaged in the sale of textiles, chemical products and handicrafts. The main products are: textiles: wood fiber series textiles (underwear, towels, socks, etc.); Cotton series of textiles (underwear, towels, etc.); Children's wear series products (cotton, blended). After years of development, the company has established a good cooperative relationship with a number of well-known domestic textile production enterprises and handicraft production enterprises. The production cost is low, the quality is good, the production capacity is strong, and all orders can be timely and fully guaranteed. To provide customers with high quality and fast service is our consistent purpose, to provide consumers with leading fashion of high quality household articles of daily use, guide the health and environmental protection of the new way of life, is our never-stop unremitting pursuit. Work hard, happy life, life will smile! Number of employees: 32 Annual turnover: 10-20 million yuan