Company Profile
Weixin Dyeing Ltd. Co. was established in 1991 in China which is a professional yarn dyeing and yarn supplier worldwide. There is a branch company called Wai Sun Textiles Ltd. Co. in Hong Kong for 20 years in order to take orders globally. We are certificated by OEKO-TEX according to the STANDARED 100. As a traditional and professional manufacturer and supplier, we have dyed and supplied different kinds of yarns for aournd 30 years, including cotton yarns, spun rayon, blended yarn, linen, ramin, fancy yarns, and etc. Sincerely, we can supply dyed yarns, provide professional service and coorperate with you from the worldwide! Please contact us if you need service. Main Yarn Supplying with specific ordered colour: 1. CARDED COTTON 2. SEMIN-COMBED COTTON 3. COMBED COTTON 4. HIGH TWIST COTTON 5. LONG STAPLE COTTON 6. HIGH TWIST COTTON 7. SPUN RAYON 8. 60% COTTON AND 40% RAYON 9. 60% RAYON 40%COTTON 10. 55% ACRYLIC 45%COTTON 11. 60%COTTON 40ACRYLIC 12. 55/45 ACRYLIC COTTON 13. 55/45 COTTON ACRYLIC 14. 55/45 RAMIE COTTON 15. 55/45 LINEN COTTON