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  • Sell polished rod clamp

    The polish rod clamps are with hinge-joint butterfly structure. The body is made of high grade casting steel and accomplished with subjected heat treatment. The clamps hold the polish rods tightly with force of friction. No any inserts with teeth needed. So damages and cuttings on the polish rod surface can be eliminated.

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  • Sell sucker rod centralizer

    It is recommended that centralizers be used on the rods for reduction of rod string and oil well tubing wear. The centralizers can be fixed; they can be installed directly on the rod body by pressure die casting method. The rotating centralizers are located between the locks on the rod body and can rotate on the same. Apart from ensuring wear protection, centralizers prevent deposits formation inside oil well tubing and increase the time between well overhauls.

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  • Sell sucker rod

    A steel sucker rod is one of the important equipment of oil field.Can provide seven kinds of the level of sucker rod,including C, K, D, KD, HL, HY andC, K, D sucker rod press design and manufacture standard of API Spec 11 B, KD, HL, HY grade rod design and manufacture according to standard SY/T5029-2006, KH level rod according to standard within the company.

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  • drill collar

    Drill collars are extra-heavy integral tools used to concentrate weight onto the drill bit so as to produce sufficient force for the drill bit to break rock efficiently while drilling. They are made of AISI 4145H or 4145H modified steel and are connected between drill pipes and drill bits. Our drill collar connections comply with dimensional requirements specified in API Spec 7-1. Drill collars also come with slip and elevator recesses for safe and efficient handling. Slip and elevator recesses can be used together or separately.

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  • API 5DP drill pipe

    Product Description 1) Drill pipe OD: 2 7/8", 3 1/2", 4", 4 1/2", 5" 5-1/2" 2) Steel Grade: E75, G105, S135,X95 3) Type of end finish: EU-external upset, IEU-internal & external upset 4) All drill rod are made according to API 5D standard 5) We can provide in many conditions, with or without hard banding (Arnco100XT, Arnco300XT, tungsten carbide etc).

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  • Washover pipe manufacturer

    Size from washover pipe 114mm-608mm

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