Xiamen Xiangyu Xinghong Specialised Co.,ltd.
Company Profile
As the leading enterprise to provide differential fiber and yarns, It has 10 composite filament production lines with a total of 30000tons production capacity. With strict production, quality management, the company provides high-qualitied differential fiber for customers. * Our splited composite microfiber Nylon/Polyester DTY and FDY could be used for polyester peach skin, corduroy, and various bathing and cleaning materials. * On the other hand, we also have the low melting fiber which is suitable for the production of hard cotton,decorative wall board, environmental mattress, seat mat environmental filter media, constructional acoustic damping and heat insultion materials. Our specification is 4D*51MM.2D*51MM * Our figured microfiber ,which is applied for different microfiber leather. Our spec is 3.5D/51MM