Fujian Baichuan Resources Recycling Science & Technology Co., Ltd
Company Profile
1、Basic information of the company Baichuan, founded in July 2004, covers an area of 92,000 square meters(138 mu)and possessed a plant area of 75,000 square meters. It has more than 400 employees and is specialized in the production of renewable dyeing-free textiles. In January 2016, the company was listed in the national share transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises. 2、Corporate culture Vision: Technology and innovation improve the ecological environment. Mission: Subvert traditional printing and dyeing, subvert traditional energy consumption model Values: Doing trifles to make earth green. 3、Products process & products range&production capacity The company has always adhered to the concept of ""low carbon emission, environmental protection and resource regeneration"", and has long been committed to the research and development of waste resource recycling technology. The company has the whole industrial chain production capacity of bottle chips cleaning, spinning, weaving, finishing, zipper making. Process:waste PET beverage bottle recycled-crush-wash-melt-making fiber- weaving The main products of the company are recycled polyester yarns, recycled fabrics and recycled zippers. The products are widely used in clothing, cases and bags, home textiles, outdoors, shoes, accessories, etc.  dyed yarn monthly capacity =1000t,annual capacity=30,000t Fabric monthly capacity =1,333,334M annual capacity=40,000,000M  zipper monthly capacity=6,666,666Y ,annual capacity=200,000,000Y " 4、Product features The traditional textile dyeing method is wet dyeing method. The colorless yarn is spun into fabric and then the fabric is dyed, which seriously pollutes water resources. Our product features is recycling and dyeing-free, our raw material is solid waste, and the coloring process is water-free dyeing, that is, adding color masterbatch to color the fiber in the process of PET melt spinning. Therefore, we can spin yarns of various colors, and yarns of different colors can be directly woven into fabrics of different colors. There is no by-product emission in the whole process, thus fundamentally solving the problems of high cost and serious environmental pollution in the traditional dyeing process. 5、Customer group At present, we have established good cooperation relations with ikea, adi, Nike and other famous brand customers. We are now the designated supplier of the Ikea storage box textiles. We supply 1,200,000 meters of fabric per year, which can save 405 tons of oil resources, reduce coal consumption 540 tons, save 13,500 tons of dyeing water, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 12,960 kg. 6、Major project At the present stage, we are focusing on the construction of colored yarn supermarket project. Recycled dyeing-free and environment-friendly color yarn supermarket: Standard establishment-Stock establishment-Combining the Internet to sale(All the colored yarns in stock is of physical PET regeneration process combined with dry coloring process) Realize “assemble the parts into a whole” production and “break up the whole into parts” sale. We hope that we can subvert traditional energy consumption model、traditional printing and dyeing model and the traditional marketing model through this model, bringing a green world to all people.