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RUSSIAN TEXTILE TRADITIONS & CRAFTS Rtt&C We offer handmade products and factory products, based on Russian textile traditions and crafts. Our Masters use Russian folk elements and motives. Most of our textile items are made of natural cotton and linen fabric. We use decorative elements such as patchwork, embroidery and laces. Some of our goods are unique and are made in a single copy! But these are not just souvenirs. All our goods you can use in your daily life! - We offer different kinds of Quilts and Duvets depending on the design, colors, thickness and technique! - Bed linen made of linen fabric decorated with embroidery and laces. - Table linen made of natural cotton and linen fabric with decoration. - Textile rugs made of 100% cotton. - Lunch mates made of cotton for patchwork More information you can find at our website: Our mail: