Tianjin Longbow Tech Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
We are specialized global suppliers of Grey Yarn and Textile spare parts. We can supply products as follows, 1. High quality filament twisting grey thread,such as Inner Bonded Nylon Yarn, Inner Bonded Polyester Yarn,Continuous Filament Nylon6.6 Yarn, CFP, PTT,TRP etc. IBN6.6(Inner Bonded Nylon6.6/Polyamide) ,150D-420D/3 or 4ply; IBP(Inner Bonded Polyester) ,150D-420D/3 or 4ply; CFP(CONTINUOUS FILAMENT POLYESTER Yarn),70D-420D/2 or 3ply; CFN(CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON Yarn), 100D-420D/2 or 3ply; PTT Yarn,95D-300D/2 or 3ply -------------------------------------------------------------------------- All above products are produced by twisting machine LEZZENI and used dyeing tube(soft winding).We provide Three series products for customers to choose: 1.According to COATS and A&E standard-Tenacity of filament-8gf/D(6.4CN/dtex); 2.According to Local Spec-Tenacity of filament-7.8gf/D(6.2CN/dtex); 3.According to Local Spec-Tenacity of filament-7.0gf/D(4.2CN/dtex);. 2.Textile spare parts. SSM Assembly winding PSF428, PSF528, PSF53, PS6-D; Precision winder PS6-W, PW1. Oerlikon Saurer Volkmann TFO twisting machines VTS09, VTS08 Schlafhorst Zinser ring spinning machines 351,350 Schlafhorst Single End Winding machines AC238, AC338, X5. Rieter ring spinning machines G5/1; Officine Gaudino Lema Lezzeni pre-winder SLV200; Twisting machine TBR/DL, TBR/H, TBR/L. If you have any demand for above products,please feel free to contact me.