Hua tao Wire Belt Factory
Company Profile Huatao Wire Belt Factory Tel: 86-311-80772027 Fax: 86-311-80690567 Skype: huatao04 E-mail: Huatao Wire Belt Factory, is a professional manufacturer of corrugated paperboard belt specialized for corrugated board production line. The enterprise founder is well-known specialist in the field of convey-belt manufacture at home and abroad. Our products named “Huatao” are conveyor belts specialized in corrugated board production line. We take use of the unique weaving process, precise proportioning materials and the international advanced technology, and our products are the first-rate.  Our corrugated paperboard Belt mainly including: Woven Corrugator Belt, Needle Corrugator Belt, Traction Belt and Airslide Belt ect.  Exported to all over theworld, more than 30 countries, including USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Poland Switzerland, Russia , Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and so on. Chairman of the board Floyd Zhao instead of all Huatao Group colleagues promise : Choose us as your partner will be your best choice! Once first cooperation,we will be lifetime partners!! Let's begin ^_^.