Huatao Group New Geo Material Co.,Ltd
Company Profile
Huatao group New Geo Material as geosynthetics sub company of China Huatao Group. We also have our own import and export company called shijiazhuang Huatao Import and export Trade Co.,Ltd. Huatao Group New Geo Material was found in 1987, Factory covers an area of over 100,00 square meters, over 50 production-lines,exisiting staff of 1000 people, annual sales is about 10 million dollars. Exported to all over the world, more than 30 countries, includeing USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, poland, switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and so on. Our main products: geotextile, geomembrane, compound geomembrane, geogrid, geocell, sodium bentonite geosynthetic clay liner, three-dimension compound plastic geonet, waterproof of sheets, tire base fabric, linoleum base cloth, watertop, geonet, geobag and all about 20 kinds products. The scope of our main engineering projexts application: the anti-seepage engineering of landfill site,highway, railway, tunnel, artificial lake, landscape lake, tank foundation, oil pipeline, rara mineral, pollution wate bath, aquaculture, reservoir, the rainwater collection, swamp land, basement warehouse, basement garage etc. We would like to offer the best quality together with the high-class service, and to seek mutual development with our customers through sincere and long term cooperation. Constantly enlarging our business scope, A efficient, dynamic, modern environmental protextion enterprises are comping to you! Chairman of the board Floyd Zhao instead of all Huatao group colleagues promise: Choose us as your partner will be your best choice! Once first cooperation, we will be lifetime partners!!! Let’s begin!!! www htgeosynthetic com !!! huataogroup02()outlook()com