Company Profile
XIAMEN JINMINGFENG TRADE CO LTD is famous for our quality and services.Since our company established in 1999,our company is devoted to regular polyester products including polyester spun yarn and polyester filament yarn in either domestic and international markets. Besides, taking priority in development of various specialized in viscose yarns such as,Ring spun Open end, MURATA vortex, RIETER comfort jet, Siro spun, Compact siro yarn , Color yarns and melange . In terms of business connections, we are so dedicate to expand our business on Poly filament yarn by cooperating with BILLION whose product is regarded as excellent quality. Our company located in XIAMEN city,the most beautiful city in China.The superb geographical position provides easy-to-harbor transport regarding its ultra-large standard container berth and aviation harbor. With advanced techniques and machinery as well as experienced engineers and strict quality control, our products are famous for consistency and good quality. Especially, every cone from our mills has gone through strict weaving and knitting dyeing test, customers thereby can get full guarantee while using our products. Our company is positively exploring a way to establish modernized enterprise.The core values of business culture in JMF is "customer-oriented, service innovation and producing accordingly". We have been funding new technique, advanced management and advanced equipment for years.Here, it's an environment of professional, passionate and proactive people who are each devoted to excellence in their particular field of expertise.