Qingdao Rising Machinery Science And Technology Co.Ltd
Company Profile
Qingdao Rising Machinery Science and Technology Co, Ltd is located in beautiful coastal city- Qingdao. Since our inception in 2002, we have been focusing on the designing and manufacturing of textile machinery. With advanced technology and professional spirit, we keep developing new series of water jet loom and air jet loom. So far, we have a wide range of loom choices for our customers, such as JW series of water jet loom and RX series of air jet loom. Each series of textile machinery are thought highly by our valued customers. Customers are the center of our concern. Everything we do is to help them to produce high quality fabrics at the lowest possible cost. Our motto is “to save every penny for our customers”. For more than a decade, we have always been putting this motto into our practice. Our textile machinery have created tremendous value to our customers and will create more for current and potential ones in the future http://www.rising-textile-machinery.com