Shenzhen Xinmeixing Household Products Co.,Ltd.
Company Profile
SHENZHEN XIN MEI XING GROUP CO.,LTD. , a multi-disciplinary business company, established in 1998, located in the Hi-Tech and fashionable city--Shenzhen, China. XINMEIXIN Household Products Co.,Ltd., as one of branch companies of XIN MEI XING Group Co.,Ltd., is concentrating on design, production and sale of Blinds Fabric and Textile Wallcoverings. Our Blinds Fabric are multifuntional: 1).eco-friendly, no formaldehyde and no smell 2).98% UV-proof 3).radiation-proof 4).can endure extreme weather up to 80 degree and down to -20 degree 5).washable. And due to the special requirement, our Textile Wall coverings are of special function as well. They are scratch-resistance, no injury by collision, water and oil proof, mildew proof, damp-proof, fire-resistance and not fading after years’s use. The idea of the technology-WATERPROOF for household products is innovated from the talk between our Chairman and Professor.Julie Crockett and her colleague Professor.Dan Maynes from the Brigham Young University of Utah State,U.S. in The United States Global Furniture Fair. It comes true after our unremmiting effort of 2 years. We hope it will confer benefits on the entire society.