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Hebei Nanzhi Import and Export Co.,Ltd email- nz at hbnzexport dot com we are professional on YARN and FIBER(polyester fiber, viscoss fiber,PP fiber) - polyester yarn spun and DTY,FDY,POY, cotton yarn,blend yarn,fancy yarn the mainly product- Cotton yarn,Acrylic yarn,Viscose yarn,Polyester yarn spun- Ne 16s-32s,Polyester yarn DTY, FDY, POY, Monofilament (raw,dope dyed) Blended yarn-cotton/polyester,cotton/nylon,cotton/viscose,wool/cashmere, polyester/wool, viscose/nylon,nylon/wool, acrylic/cotton, fancy yarn,spandex yarn covered polyester(mechanical coating line,air coating line)2075, 3075,2050,2075 Nylon yarn,Polypropylene yarn FDY, BCF any interested, pls contact us!