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    Customize socks, Custom made socks, www.sock-manufacturers.com thrombosis health prevention, while a medium-pressure type is mainly applied to the treatment of varicose veins in patients with early stage. Patients (2) the treatment of type II high pressure (30-40mmHg), there was clearly applies to the lower limbs with varicose veins and leg discomfort, such as: lower extremity acid rose, fatigue, swelling, eczema, tingling and cramps, etc. . (3) three hyperbaric healing type (40-50mmHg), usually applied to a high degree of swelling of the lower extremities, ulcers, darkening of the skin hardens and irreversible lymphedema and other patients. Secondly, based on the length of the lesion to choose good elastic stockings; generally, if only part of the wearer suffers from varicose veins below the knee, wear elastic stockings in the system is appropriate; And if the wearer above the knee symptoms, you need to wear stockings or even pants stockings; example, according to Zhejiang known professional clothing wholesale socks currently the best-selling Japanese and Korean fashion stockings. Finally, to determine the appropriate type and size is good to make a choice. In general, with a soft foot can measure out the size of the wearer three legs: the ankle or ankle circumference at the smallest, largest circumference of the calf and thigh circumference maximum, etc., to choose a good suitable elastic stockings. Author: Time: Source:

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    Corrugated boxes supplier Corrugated Box Manufacturers www.corrugated-box-manufacturers.com to help increase popularity, gas, Cai defends, and thus the zodiac is a pig, a rabbit and zodiac zodiac sheep who plays the evil spirits can not be ignored financial aid Cai Yun and elegant strokes spirit of the five elements of effective power to help attract industry, affinity, cohesion with Lifetime Earthly triple: triple is [out] together, openly cooperation Bureau, is three zodiac guitar with triple combination, not only fit Jia, ideas, values​​, habits, actions always fall in love, triple Zodiac difference four years, is a natural fit. "Easy Tai Chi, beginning two appearances. Astrotech Health four images, four images and raw gossip. "Gossip has a block evil defends the role of the Quartet block evil spirits can be scattered, to the effect of the collapse of the evil spirits, according to the I Ching and Feng Shui, Bagua more Cai defends, cowardly disease Chuxie, good fortune, regulation the human

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