Zhenjiang Bossen International Co.,Ltd.
Company Profile
Zhenjiang Bossen International Co.,Ltd. is a multi-enterprise industrial and trade company. We are a manufacturer/supplier and exporter of apparel and accessories. Our main products are bandanas,multifunctional bandanas, handkerchiefs,knitted hats,scarves,gloves,Japanese furoshiki,tenugui,snow boots and other textiles.We have four "Brother Factory" to handle all products, and can easily meet customer demand for these products. We cooperated with Disney, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Coca Cola, Mcdonald's, Magners and many other famous brands. We are specialized in classic styles and customized OEM products. Following the motto of "quality first" we make every effort to provide better products with more competitive prices. For more information, please visit our website or contact us directly with your questions or inquiries.Thank you very much!