Zhengzhou Ming Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Zhengzhou Ming Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a production, processing, distribution and wholesale of private limited liability company, located in the beautiful Central Plains green city Zhengzhou, the company's main textiles,cotton bedding, , household goods,chinese clothing-Tang suit, household items, bedding, handwoven goods. Company‘s production of "Simplicity old coarse" received a number of honors, such as "China Green products" , "China Famous", "Chinese famous brand" and "Top Ten Chinese integrity textile brand ," Etc. honorary title. the company is strength , credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, Production of handicrafts and simplicity old coarse diverse variety, reasonable prices. Since the principle of multi-species operating characteristics and puerile, and win the trust of our customers, selling consumer markets, especially cotton bedding . The company's products among consumers enjoy higher status, with many retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations. "Simplicity old coarse" series is natural pollution-free, has an excellent health benefits to body, is an excellent representative of traditional Chinese clothing and is people's pursuit in the new era. Warmly welcome to visit, study, business negotiations.