Hasan Albai (China) Co., Ltd
Company Profile
Hasan Albai (China) Co., Ltd. is currently the largest Arab garments producer with the best quality.We have three production plants , more than 1,000 employees and more than a dozen engineers Arab specialists .We mainly produce Arab garb for men ,including Shorts Arab ,T-shirts , pajamas, robes Saudi Arabia ,the Middle East and processing ( dress ) ( Dshdashh ) ( Kndorh ). Daily production of more than 10,000 pieces , reliable brand Our success depends on the high quality of more than a decade Defined by first-class quality and good reputation with many customers and a solid long-term relationships We export to the Middle East , North Africa , Europe and America , based on the famous brand successful in the industry gowns Arab local and global , and we sincerely hope to develop relations of friendship and Chertae in business to enter and abroad to create a win-win situation Invested Peixafah to introduce the most advanced equipment in the world to produce a circumstance famous brand Hassan Albai and holds a first class system CNN ESI, which are more stringent quality control, and strictly according to the highest posted international, has been the design of each process has a way to meet the customs and traditions of the Islamic Hasan Albai brand to rely on Arab dress by sophisticated three-dimensional, the system board and in line with the work environment Mousavat product size sarongs Arabic, to wear appropriate, and the perfect shape in the process of sewing a neat and very thoroughly mix in sewing skills excellent and well-known, and we are committed to always puncture the effort to be a piece in the best condition and the principle of its article on the network and clear lines of design and shape of the collar success unique Hassan Abai brand of Arab dress hacksaw blades choose very carefully and always strive to achieve the best production in terms of visual comfort and texture and use the best raw materials, Japanese, Korean and production of raw materials, the most advanced in quality and durability, and wearing comfortable