Esia Filter Bag Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Company Profile
Esia Filter Bag Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a leading factory in producing filter bag related machines, such as filter bag sewing machine, welding machine and slitting machine. We have a strong team in product research, development, design, manufacture, testing, quality assurance and after-sales service. So far, we have exported our machines to more than 30 countries. Since establishment, Esia Machinery has been insisting on the idea of "Eliminate, Simplify, Integrate, Automate". Eliminating all non-value-adding activites, simplifying aspect of work where possible, Integrating elements of the process, automating where appropriate. This is our basic management principle and also the target for our machines. Service Esia Machinery aim to develop a long term partnerships that will last for years in the future. We understand that our machines need to enhance your production and business, so we are always trying to improve machine technology and quality. Till now our filter bag machine production line has been upgraded to the fourth generation. From a call for machines or spare parts, to machine maintenance advice, Esia Machinery will always be there to assist your ongoing requirements.