SXD Co., Ltd
Company Profile
SXD Corporation LTD is a strong brand with a long tradition. We are known worldwide for our unbeatable quality and reliability. Weaving machines with the well known brand name SXD leave our assembly lines every day. We supplies weaving machines worldwide, and are proud to send so many products all over the world. In recent decades, we have evolved from a traditional weaving machine builder to a worldwide supplier for the textile industry as well as our Mechnical Procesing Department. Our Weaving Systems, Customized Weaving Technology, Machinery Upgrades and Mechnical Procesing Department allow to produce a wider range of fabrics, increase the machine performance, and improve the quality of the fabrics woven or allow increase the versatility of the loom. A keen awareness of quality, expert engineering and innovative products are at the heart of SXD - and this is what makes our customers all over the world trust us completely. SXD guarantees the right weaving machine for any type of woven fabric. From commodity to high-fashion or industrial fabrics, SXD has the right weaving machine for you. Our joint success is based on this trust, together with the dialogue and close cooperation which we foster with our customers. This makes our clients more and more successful, and better equipped to face the future and it makes us experts in the textile chain.