Company Profile
Welcome to millionparties. We provide a wide selection of fine chair covers, table covers, napkins,runners and sashes in an array of styles and colors to compliment any theme or color scheme with an unconditional quality guarantee and can deliver by air or sea to your place. Search on millionparties website and you will not only get the designs and colors you want, but also get them at the prices you want. Meanwhile we make sure that you can get quality, elegant and nice items. If you’d like to know all the colors we stock, pls check from the color charts according to materials and items on the website. From them,you can get an idea of what colors look like. Usually speaking,the colors look different from different screens and when they are made to end product , they are a little bit different from the acctual look but it is always necessary, better safer and easier to choose colors from the color charts to get the proper colors you need. However if there is something specific you require,please call us and we will be pleased to do according to your ideas as we have designers and workers to do by ourselves. We truly enjoy what we do. That is why it’s our mission to provide ambience through texture, color and design for your special event, regardless of size. Appreciate your support and look forward to having the best information possible for you to access through our website or just read the brief introduction of our products in the followed and get a general idea. Brief introduction of our chair cover: A,spandex chair cover : a, plain spandex chair cover: with different feet material: 1, polyester feet 2, cloth feet 3, rubber feet b,shirred spandex chair cover:1,one shirred 2,two shirred 3,three shirred 4,shirred around 5,shirred around &spandex sahs with ring B, polyester chair cover: a,polyester normal chair cover b,polyester folding chair cover C, satin chair cover: a, satin normal chair coveer b,satin self tie (pillow case) chair cover Brief introduction of our table cover: A,plain table cover : a, 90" round/rectangle b,120 " round/rectangle c,132" round/rectangle B, janquard table cover: a, 90" round/rectangle b,120 " round/rectangle c,132" round/rectangle C,cocktail table cover : a,60cm round b,80cm round c,90cm round Brief introduction of our sash: A, spandex sash with ring : B, satin sash C,organza sash Brief introduction of our napkin: A, polyester napkin B, satin napkin Brief introduction of our runner: A, organza runneer B, satin runner