Qiancheng Flame Retardant New Material Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
QianCheng Flame Retardant New Material Co., Ltd. is an enterprise organized by scientific and technical personnel who are engaged in long-term research and the development of flame retardant materials, chemical fibers and polymers. Our group mainly produces and manages raw material for flame retardant and general chemical fibers, non-woven fabrics, textiles and other flame retardant items. The company mainly produces and processes permanent flame retardant terylene series products, which mostly includes flame retardant, flame retardant terylene slice-up, flame retardant terylene fiber and various flame retardant outside material. Our company adopts permanent flame retardant series of products have the excellence of being innocuous, low smoke and non-corrosive, excellent flame retardant performance, stable product quality, and international advanced level of technique. This type of flame retardant products could be widely used in decoration, costumes, military supplies, household articles and interior decoration of airplane, steamship and cars etc., and now it has been adopted by many manufacturers at home and abroad. Our company has foreign trade import/export rights, and the products have been sold to more than ten countries and regions such as USA, England, Spain, India and Taiwan, to name a few.