Sichuan Longchang Kaifu Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd
Company Profile
Sichuan Longchang KaifuArts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is located Longchang which was been known as the "Southern Gateway". Longchang's traffic is developed, here is important goods distribution center of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Chongqing. In 2010, the company was into the most development potentiality "top 50" of Sichuan's handicrafts production enterprise in foreign trade. Sichuan Longchang Kaifu Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd focus on the design and production of leather fashion bags, high-end purses, all kinds of leather goods, all kinds of straw crafts. The company was founded by LiKaiFu, he served as company's chairman and general manager. Sichuan Longchang Kaifu Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. mainly use waste straw of agricultural and sideline products such as corn straw mat, cane skin, compiling bags, shoes handicraft, the main products are rushes shoes, rushes care shoes, rushes massage shoes, sandals, high-grade bristly bulrushes, straw bag (has a large foreign trade tail single), grass-woven artwork sit box, ambry, up, straw hat, carpet, grass-woven cushion, grass-woven laundry basket, straw pet Waterloo, door curtain, etc . Materials are compiled with natural green plants, that reflect the theme of low carbon environmental, export primarily, domestic complementary. Long-term since, Sichuan Longchang Kaifu Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd do their best to explore the international and domestic markets, now it has many offices in the country, and successfully develop the U.S., UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Colombia, Venezuela, more than 60 countries and regions such as the international markets. Company focus to technology's research and development and pay attention to the accumulation and protection the intellectual property. On the basis of independent research and development, the company completely has conducted a wide cooperation about technology and the market with world first-class enterprise. Sichuan Longchang Kaifu Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd has three modern production li