Qingdao Lion Machinery Co.
Company Profile
Qingdao LION Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in the manufacture and sales of a variety of textile machines which are used for stuffing pillows, cushions, quilts, plush toys, sofas and pads. We give service to a worldwide market and to date, our machines have been being exported to more than 40 countries and districts. Our machines like fiber opening machine, fiber packing machine, bale opener, ball fiber machine, pillow cushion filling machine, teddy bear stuffing machine, Pillow vacuum machine, Down feather filling machines for pillows or coats or quilts etc. Moreover, our professional R&D engineers will work with you to design customized equipments according to your special requirements. With the development of our machines, we strive to be on the leading position of the world technology and our goal is to be the leader in this area both at home and abroad. Qingdao Lion Machinery Co. will pride the latest technology, reliable quality, and good sales service to you with the minimal costs. ATT: MS Seliya Company name: Qingdao LION Machinery Co., Ltd Email: lion17@pillowmachinery.com MSN: tiantian-hanhai@live.cn Skype: qdlion17 Tel: 86-15853285992 Ad: No.666, Haibin Road 12, Jiaonan City, Qingdao,China