Zhejiang Wonderful-Wall Building Materials Co.,Ltd.
Company Profile
Zhejiang Wonderful-Wall Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-overseas contractual joint venture held by Zhejiang China Light & Textile Industrial City Group Co., Ltd. The company possessed a whole production line of painting dressing and complex made in Japan and a production line of further processing and installing facility made in Germany. Its main products are aluminum-plastic composite plate of 1 million square meters,color coating iron plate of 80 thousand tons and color aluminum plate of 5 thousand tons annually. The company with a total investment of RMB 1.5 billion specialized in the producing and manufacturing aluminum-plastic of composite plate was an advanced one with the largest scale, the all complete specification and the best technological equipment. The company introduced CIS and ISO9002 and has been managed in modern and normal ways according to the requirement of modern enterprise and listed company. In the marketing strategies, our company emphasizes on the points of market orientation, humanization and simplification, all of which made the strategies flexible, exercisable and controllable. By absorbing the sprits of those successful classical marketing cases at home and abroad, our company expands the market shares and enhances the peculiarity of Wallking brand. By establishing the internet website of our own and making full use of this modern telecommunication network, we can have a better introduction to our products for you. Better understood for anther choice. Please inform us your requirements through the Internet and shorten the distance between you and us. Give us a chance, and we will return you excellent service.