Beijing Kaiyue Horse Science And Technology Development Co,.Ltd
Company Profile
We are a collection of research and development, production and marketing of research-oriented enterprises. Over the years, we have been dedicated to the research and development of packaging machinery. Relying on powerful and quickly R & D capabilities, we have developed eacellent packaging line for Beijing Coca-Cola beverage company, Petrochina Lanzhou oil refinery, Jilin petrochemical company and other well-known enterprises. Since 2007, the company had been listed R & D of labeling equipment as an important project. At present, the products are almost all provinces across the country and exported to Indonesia,India,Colombia, Ukraine and other countries. When we found the field of labeler, in particular, paper labeling equipment, still underdeveloped in China, we quickly developed a series of YGT400 automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machines to help so many hand production enterprises break away from inefficient backward mode of production. To meet the theme of the Environment, in just three years we have continuously developed YGT450-ZH, YGT300-LT series of environmentally friendly and full-automatic water-based adhesive(cold glue) labeling machine, multifunction combinational machine etc. three series of labeling equipment. From the technologic full coating to both ends coating; from the bottle round to square then heteromorphosis. We strive to provide a full range of labeling equipment for customer. "Innovation development" is our guiding principle. We taking complete Equipment development as our direction. Good service is our commitment. We believe the "Beijing Kaiyue", "IHENG" labeling machine, will perceived increasingly by home and abroad market!