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  • Sell polyester yarn

    High tenacity 100% polyester yarn is a lubricated super high tenacity 100% filament polyester yarn which has a uniform construction and is resistant to sunlight and chemical degradation. It has low extensibility and shrinkage 2%~3% in boiling water. High tenacity 100% polyester yarn is an exceptional yarn of its type with dependable sewing performance in high-speed and critical sewing operations, and it can be used for footwear, handbag, leather goods and kinds of clothes.

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  • Sell spun polyester yarn

    100% spun polyester yarn is a lubricated spun polyester yarn. It has high strength, high temperature resistance, no distortion and never fade. Many customers use it in apparel and leather shoes.

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  • Sell core spun yarn

    Core spun yarn is a yarn consisting of an inner core yarn surrounded by staple fibres. A corespun yarn combines the strength and/or elongation of the core thread and the characteristics of the staple fibres which form the surface.

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  • Sell waterproof sewing thread

    Waterproof sewing thread is made by ordinary polyester and nylon sewing thread with special waterproof agent. When thrown in the water, it can maintain on the water surface and doesn't sink.It's mostly used in waterproof footwear.

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  • Sell Transparent thread

    There are nylon monofilament and polyester transparent thread. Both are strong with chemical resistance, low shrinkage, and high abrasion resistance. Transparent thread is widely used for sewing leather, case, trademark an suit trousers, and ribbon, belt, webbing products. Spec from diameter 0.08 to diameter 0.3 are available.

    Post Time: 2022-06-28Expired Time: 2024-06-27

  • Sell Hot melt thread

    Using super quality filament yarn as raw material, hot melt thread makes linear links between fabric and paper when it is heated. It's polular with seamless underwear & lingerie manufacturer, and book-binding.

    Post Time: 2022-06-28Expired Time: 2022-07-01

  • Sell glow in the dark thread

    Glow in the dark thread is a thread that can store light in a long time and present aqua and white in nature light but present kelly in dark. The material can glow in the dark for at least 6 hours after absorbing enough light. This thread can be used in many fields: fashion apparel, kids’ clothing accessory, latchet, mobile bag, string for mobile, string for key, hair band, handbag, string for file bag, outdoor appliance, party, bar property, light stored Chinese knot, pulling string for blind, fishing thread, and it’s also used in some security clothing like mountaineer wear, ski wear, towrope, bluejacket rig, rescue people and police clothing.

    Post Time: 2022-06-28Expired Time: 2022-07-01

  • Sell Braided waxed thread

    Braided waxed thread is twisted by eight or sixteen strands of high tenacity filament or nylon filament yarn, and then waxed. The wax can be heavy or light, rough or soft as required. The excellent lubricity ensures smooth and trouble free sewing as well as good strength. It is ideal for footwear, sofa, and furniture.

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  • Sell Cotton Wrapped Poly Core Sewing Thread

    Cotton wrapped poly core sewing thread is a top quality core spun thread that combines the tenacity and strength of a polyester filament yarn core with a natural cotton wrap. The polyester filament core offers excellent strength and durability, while the long staple wrap ensures excellent sewing performance and protects the core from needle heat. It's applicable for fine cotton, denim shirts and suits, fine fabrics and premium lingerie, leather goods, towels and home furnishings, classic jeans and outdoor wear.

    Post Time: 2022-06-28Expired Time: 2022-07-01

  • Sell Indigo sewing thread

    Indigo Dyed poly cotton: Indigo dye does not completely diffuse to sewing thread. After industrial wash the color of the indigo dyed sewing thread fades away. This is the expected effect and the reason why this special dye is used. Depending on the type of wash, Indigo dyed sewing thread has different effects. The spec 602, 603, 452, 402, 403, 292, 293, 302, 303, 162, 163, 152, 153, 123, 202, 203, 204 are available.

    Post Time: 2022-06-28Expired Time: 2022-07-01

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