Zhejiang Kingsafe New Textile Group Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Zhejiang Kingsafe New Textile Group Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Huzhou city with very convenient transportation. In order to implement the development strategy of "Going out of Zhejiang, Connecting with Shanghai and Facing the Globe", we have moved the headquarters to Shanghai. Founded in 1987, with nearly 20 years of hard working, our group has developed into a professional enterprise, with an annual growth rate of 30% averagely. The output and sales volume of the adhesive interlining for garments and non-woven fabric have continuously been leading in the domestic market for years, which makes us a leadership position in Chinese high-tech textile industry. Our company has been rewarded several honorable titles, and also has been appraised as "AAA Credit Grade Company" by Bank of Agriculture. Besides, our company is appointed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Ministry of Public Security as the interlining producer for the Chinese army and police's uniforms. Our product markets have been expanded all over the five continents. As a key high-tech company listed in the "National Torch Plan" and one of the "100 Provincial Key Enterprise Technology Centers" in Zhejiang, we have developed the adhesive and non-woven fabrics for high-level clothing by ourselves, which have been introduced as the "National New Products" and into the "National Spark Plan". Adhesive interlinings are mainly used in brand-named garments, army and police uniforms; non-woven fabrics are mainly used in medical care area, health care area, hi-tech agriculture products and upscale consumer products, especially as the radiation-proof materials for the army. These two series among all of our products have obtained several national patents. Today, our products are developed to enjoy high technology, functional feature and health caring as well as environment protection characteristic. Based on the "Grand and Prudent" corporate culture, following the tenet of "Making better adhesive interlinings, Producing more non-woven fabrics and Building a stronger company", Kingsafe Group is devoting all our efforts to creating a giant in China's hi-tech textile industry.