Wellcool Cushion Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Wellcool - The Expert on Strong-Compression & Elasticity Spacer Fabric! Wellcool (China), whose predecessor was established in 1992, built a 4,000 m2 scie-tech industrial park in Fujian, China in 2006. We produce high quality 3D spacer with German equipment & all computrized production process. We are the first in introducing 3D spacer fabric in China. From knitting, dyeing & finishing, shaping, sewing, to semi-manufactured and finished goods, testing, it is the unique one in Chinese spacer fabric industry, which covers R&D and manufacture together.We have provided the market with this 3D spacer fabric using the most advanced technology, diligent research of our trained technicians and professionals in the field, combined with valuable customer information. 3D spacer fabric makes mattress washable, considerate, ventilation, available to protect spine. The idea of Wellcool is:"Health, Ecology and Vitality" ***********************************Wellcool 5 Strengths*********************************** ## 1. In-phase with International Innovation ## Wellcool Company: "Hi-tech Sector", the pioneer to develop 3D spacer fabric in China (judged by the Ministry of Sic &Tech of China in 2007) 3D Spacer Fabric: "In-phase Internationally Innovation Award" (assessed by the Ministry of Sic & Tech of China in 2008) 3D Spacer Fabric: "National Important New Products"(appraised by the Ministry of Sic &Tech of China, the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, etc, 4 national ministries.) ## 2. Advanced Technology## Wellcool owns 8 patents. Wellcool adopt German equipment, Sino-Germany cooperative technique. Wellcool boasts two research institutes, 35% of which are engineering technicians. ## 3. Complete Production Line ## From knitting, dyeing & finishing, shaping, sewing, to semi-manufactured and finished goods, testing, Wellcool is equipped with all computerized integrative production line, producing 5 million meters each year. ## 4. Various Products ## Material: (1)8 kinds of regular items (6-20MM) (2)Cut piece (adapted to customers' requirement) Semi-manufactured Goods: (1)Insert(4CM-30CM) (2)Bound Edge Ones to Prevent Puncture. Finished Products: (1)3D Combined Mattress, Pure 3D Mattress (2) Sleeping Pad (3) Pillow (Adult pillow, Teenager Pillow, Baby Pillow) ## 5. Quality Warranty ## Special supporting TKS instrument tests pressure-relief index First one to formulate domestic testing standard: Q/FLJB001-2007 All the products have passed the SH-100 test.