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Founded in 1988 Shandong Hengtai Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of yarn, cleaning fabric and sweaters. Our registered capital is USD8,850,000 and we have more than 3,000 staff, of whom 250 are engineers and technicians with rich experience in textile technology. Of our over USD100,000,000 in annual sales, 95% come from overseas sales, and we can use our experience and expertise to help our clients find what they need. Our company takes quality control seriously. We have been issued an ISO9001 certificate for quality system management and an ISO14001 certificate for environmental protection system management and we strictly follow these guidelines in all departments. Our manufacturing departments can be divided into three parts: 1) Spinning, dyeing and finishing department a) Production capacity: 9,000MT of all varieties of high quality raw white yarn,10,000MT of dyed yarn, b) Equipment: 35,000 cotton spindles, 5,000 wool spindles, 10,000 cashmere spindles, 50 wrap spinning frame machines (HKV141D-1), 10 advanced combing product lines equipped with high speed drawing frames and advanced combers, more than 80 sets of imported jet dyeing machines, vertical dyeing machines, a raw stock dyeing machine, equipped with imported Datacolor AutoLab 620 laboratory dispensers c) Yarn count: 9nm to 100nm d) Chemical fibers processed: acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, nylon/polyamide, polyvinyl e) Animal fibers processed: cashmere, wool, mercerized wool, dehair angora, camel hair, sheep nap, rabbit hair, goat hair, yak hair, yak cashmere, alpaca wool, spun silk f) Vegetal fibers processed: viscose, cotton, Tencel, soybean protein fiber, bamboo g) Products: acrylic yarn, blended yarn, fancy yarn, pure and blended cashmere yarn, colored yarn h) Uses: knitting, braiding, spinning, weaving 2) Ornamental fabric department a) Annual production: 2,000,000m pile fabric b) Equipment imported from Germany: 35 sets of double rapier looms, 5 sets of warping and beaming machines, 2 sets of M-Tec finishing equipment, 50 sets of circular knitting looms c) Products: paint roller fabric, cleaning fabric, flat velvet, pile fabric for buses and cars, dress fabric and powder puff fabric 3) Sweater knitting department a) Annual production: 2,000,000pcs b) Equipment: 350 sets of 12G, 14G, 16G hand-flat knitting machines, 100 sets of dial linking machines c) Material: 100% cashmere, silk/cashmere blend, silk/cotton blend, silk/wool blend, fancy yarn d) Products: zipper sweaters, turtle neck sweaters, V neck sweaters, round neck sweaters, T-shirts, jacquard weave sweaters Our products are already exported all over the world to countries including the USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa and countries in Southeast Asia and Europe. We would like to find even more markets and clients, and hope to receive your inquiries and start successful business partnerships in the near future.
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Cotton Yarn,Wool Yarn,Chemical Fiber Yarn,Blended Yarn,Fancy Yarn
1000 - 5000
US$10 Million-US$50 Million
US$10 Million-US$50 Million
North America
ISO 9001
above 100
1 - 10
1 - 10
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