Jinzhou City Haiying Textile Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
The company is located in Jinzhou City, Hebei Province of China, the textile and distribution center for one of China's accession to the WTO in the background, the company has high-quality products and competitive prices, Wenzhan mainland Asian and non-state markets, products 100% of exports. As the international market demand growing, companies are gradually expanding. My company specializes in long-term production of T/C T/T series of fabric, T/C65/35 80/20 90/10 45*45 133*72 110*76 96*72 88*64 polyester-cotton fabric, T/C80/20 21*21 108*58 63”and 20*16 120*60 63”, T/C 50/50 110*76 63” 96*72 63” 40*40 110*90 116” 40*40 100*80 105” 30*30 78*65 96” fabric, these products are machine products, the quality of our stable, affordable, widely used products Home textiles, embroidery, clothing, foreign trade, we can find a suitable dyeing factories for processing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, and special specifications can be woven products, and hope that you can be long-term cooperation. We firmly believe that, by virtue of first-class equipment, advanced management theory, excellent management, professional and technical personnel, the team worked hard and steadily move toward the world.