Beijingh Evergrow Resources Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
BEIJING EVERGROW RESOURCES CO.,LTD is a leading scientific advanced functional materials enterprise, and main products all export to the global market. it has nine series products, these products export to : US ,UK,Germany,France,Turkey,India,Korea,Phillipine,Indonesia, Thailand,Iran,Singapore and Hong Kong,Taiwan area. 1.UHMWPE POWDER AND SEMI-PRODUCTS 2.CARBON FIBRE 3.ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER MATERIALS 4.FLUORO-POLYMER AND SEMI-PRODUCTS 5.OTHER ENGINEERING PLASTICS: CAST NYLON /POM/PPO/PI/PSU/PES/PEEK ETC 6. AIR FILTER MATERIALS 7.GLASS FIBRE FILTER MATERIALS 8.FLUORO-INTERMEDIATES 9.HIGH EFFICIENFY WATER FILTER