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  • Sell Filled PTFE gasket

    [FILLED PTFE] Filler: glass fiber; carbon fiber; MoS2; graphite; PI; PPS; SiO2 ; bronze powder; ekonal; polyphenyl, etc Produc No. Filled compound and Content by wt Tensie strength MPa(min) Ultimate strength %(min) Compresive strength MPa(min) 1 20% glass fiber 10 120 16 2 25% glass fiber 10 100 16 3 20% glass fiber 5% graphile 10 120 16 4 60% Bronze 10 80 20 5 15% carbon fiber 11 130 16 6 24% Bronze 12% glass fiber 6% graphile 9 100 16 7 15% glass fiber 10% Polyikmide 5% graphile 10 120 16.7

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  • Sell PTFE packing

    [ Features ] Braided packing made of different fibers according to different applications. There are packings made of carbon fiber, PTFE fiber, aramid fiber, glass fiber and mixed fiber of aramid and carbon fiber. It offers better lubrication, corrosive resistance, low abrasioin and easy to inlay and dismount and it is widely used for pump and laves. Temperature -180°C - +200°C. [SIZE] 1/6"~1-4/5" or 4X4mm~45X45mm

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  • Sell PTFE gasket

    [ Features ] PTFE gasket is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin. PTFE compared with other plastics, has a superior properties against chemicals and temperature. Because of such excellent properties, PTFE has a wide application as a sealing material. [FILLED PTFE] Filler: glass fiber; carbon fiber; MoS2; graphite; PI; PPS; SiO2 ; bronze powder; polyphenyl, etc. outside diameter / Inside diameter x High(mm) 15/10x40 71/55x90 115/65x100 170/100x100 30/19x70 75/42x150 115/75x100 172/135x50 36/24x50 77/55x100 117/80x110 172/145x115 40/18x100 79/65x80 120/98x70 187/159x70 40/20x100 83/30x100 122/102x60 205/162x90 42/25x100 83/60x100 125/60x100 213/189x100 48/36x100 84/53x70 125/80x85 220/170x40 49/39x50 64/60x100 127/86x100 229/185x70 50/28x100 90/68x100 129/112x62 250/214x100 57/40x50 93/60x100 135/92x65 284/250x95 60/30x50 93/65x100 140/100x100 290/240x120 64/30x50 100/60x100 141/112x100 304/364x50 66/45x50 100/65x100 142/112x100 325/285x100 66/51x50 100/75x100 148/118x100 390/354x120 66/55x50 100/84x50 150/110x100 395/355x50 68/42x60 102/65x100 160/130x65 516/468x80 69/42x100 107/65x100 162/126x100 578/530x90 70/45x50 110/50x70 164/137x62 110/65x125 164/124x60 [ Main properties ] Density g/cm3: 2.10-2.30 Tensile strength (min) MPa: 15.0 Ultimate elongation (min) %150 [ Applications ] Sealing material.

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  • Sell PTFE insulating tape

    1. PTFE Skived sheet Thickness 0.5-3 Width 900.1000.1200 Length>200 2. Skived tape Thickness 0.5-4 Width 100-500 Length>1000 3. PTFE Skived Film [ Main properties ] Item Thickness 0.015,0.030 0.020,0.035 0.025,0.040...0.1 Thickness allowance 10% Width 10~1000mm Width allowance 0.3 Length >50 M

    Post Time: 2009-06-08Expired Time: 2010-02-24

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