Tengzhou Sanjing Textiles Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Teng Zhou SANJING textiles co., ltd is located in the beautiful wei shan lakeside, the product by the cotton yarn, the gray cloth and the clothing lining primarily, has shuttle a loom 1,100, sword pole loom180, spindle 60,000 The company technology is well-equipped, year production processing ability cotton yarn 5,000 tons, gray cloth 2,700 myriameter. The company sets up the quality achievement foundation of the business,unceasingly enlarges the technological transformations and the new product research and development investment, the product mainly exports US, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong and so on more than 40 countries and the area. Has the extremely high prestige in the international market. The company throughout persisted "humanist, the quality first, above the prestige, strives for perfection" the principle, unceasingl yenhances the product scale. Clothing lining best-selling nation and soon plain cloth, gauze card, Pakistan gauze, poplin, doubles the domestic customer favour. The element has "a north of the Chang jiang River flower" the name. The company has the self-management import and export power, year export bringing in foreign exchange income 10million US dollars. Company general manager takes along all staff zealously to welcome the domestic and foreign public figures, the from all walks of life friend, in line with the reciprocal benefit mutual benefit, the communal development principle comes the company to instruct, the discussion, the exchange, we by the highest quality product, the best service will satisfy your request. Contact person Huang Xing for example : 100% cotton c/c 20x20 60x60 c/c 30x30 68x68 c/c 60x60 90x88 c/c 40x40 133x72 c/c 20x20 108x58 c/c 20x16 108x58 c/c 20x16 128x60 t/c 45x45 110x76 t/c 45x45 88x64 t/c 20x20 108x58 t/c 45x45 96x72 and so on