Xingsheng Sling Belt Group
Company Profile
lifting sling belt group produce flat webbing sling, round sling, ratchet unit, towing strap and belts,Our factory is the specialist in manifacturing all types of slings,webbing sling,round sling,synthetic sling, lifting components,tow strap,safety harness,nylon strap,safety belt and ratchet tie down (cargo lashing). tie-down assemble,chain hoist,manual stacker etc. Endless round sling,Eye & eye round sling,Endless webbing sling,Eye & eye webbing sling,Tie down straps,Towing straps,Wooden Pilot Ladder,nylon rope ladder,embarking ladder,wire rope ladder,Fiberglass Braided square Rope,Braided Square Fiberglass rope,braided square fiberglass rope,fiberglass braided round rope,Ceramic Fiber Braided Round Rope,Ceramic Fiber Braided Square Rope,Fiberglass Square Braided Packing Rope,Fiberglass Lamp Wick, High Temperature Braided Rope