Buy Hydrophobic fabric
Post Date:
Aug 10, 2017
Expiry Date:
Sep 9, 2017
Hello, I am looking for a reliable supplier. Requirments for fabric: 1. Composition (should be woven): a) 80/20 - cotton/polyester b) 65/35 - cotton/polyester c) 100% cotton d) 100% polyester 2. Color: a) Colorful fabric of 3 types. Attached you can see the picture (should be printed) b) Black fabric c) Dark brown 3. Density: a) 215gr for colorful fabric b) 170gr for black and dark brown fabric 4. Roll width - 180cm (Strict requirment. 150cm not applicable) 5. Treatment - waterproof + anti-stain. (Strict requirment) BEFORE ORDER: 1) I would like to get a price in according with future order around 3000m (500-600m of each color). It will be a test order just for launching. 2) I would like to receive the samples (at least 1.30m of each color) You can write me anytime by e-mail
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