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  • washable 3d pillow with top quality

    Product Details:
    Product Name: PW Pillow
    Material:100% Polyester
    Shape: Wave
    Color: Raw white or customized
    Size: 30*50*10CM/35*50*10cm/40*60*10cm/43*63*10CM/customized


    Wellcool Cushion Technology Co., Ltd.  

    Nov 24, 2014

  • face towel

    A.Specializing in producing
    B.Face towel, bath towel and set towel for leisure life.
    C.Personality customization for exquisiting gift, such as advertising embroidery towel, bath towel, square towel...

    Ruixiang Towel  

    Nov 22, 2014

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  • A grade 100% acrylic yarn HB dyed in

    Main Proudcts: Top Repute Co. Limited / Shaoxing Jianying Textile Co., Ltd. / Coomex Group

    Business Type : Tel: +(86)-(852)-28518603 Fax: +(86)-(852)-28518637


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