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Fitness fashion

Published: Apr 4, 2018


Sports attire stores are popping up in many malls


All over the world the fitness industry has been booming and growing for quite some time, and over the past few years has been growing in China at a rapid rate. Like Starbucks in the Western World, it seems a new gym is popping up on every corner, and a new yoga studio at every block. This new trend brings a new type of style with it, fitness fashion.


Gym Attire


In the U.S. this trend has been going strong for years, and some companies like lululemon Athletica, Under Armor, etc. have capitalized on this boom. This trend has become more of a lifestyle, and it is now no longer a faux pas to be seen in fitness attire outside of the gym. Athleisure, as it has been dubbed, is a new way of life. 20 years ago, this style would have been absolutely unacceptable, but is now becoming more and more popular.


Pre-workout, post-workout, in the gym, and out of the gym, from the coffee shops to the shopping malls, there is almost nowhere that you won't find this fitness trend. Athleisure is here to stay.


For those who don't know, athleisure is one of the newest fashion fads, and seems to be one that won't just come and go like many other trends. Some of the staple items in the athleisure repertoire are: Leggings, tights, yoga pants, hoodies, joggers, and track suits, just to name a few.


Experts Opinion


Fitness expert and trainer Joyce Ming Fang, from Shainghai and now living in Tianjin says:


"I usually wear fitness clothing primarily in the gym. When choosing, the style and color are very important to me. I like bright colors. Vibrant colors make me feel more excited to work out and give me energy, this makes me feel younger and more passionate about going to the gym. I also like black clothing, especially in the winter and love its additional slimming effect."


"I especially like the cool, unique styles that are more eye-catching. These styles give me more confidence."


"The material is also important to me. If my fitness clothing is not comfortable, I don't do as well when I work out. I prefer cotton or synthetic blends for my fitness attire. Even when out of the gym, my style is relaxed and comfortable clothing mostly. My favorite fitness brands are: Nike and Under Armor."


This trend has become more of a lifestyle, and it is now no longer a faux pas to be seen in fitness attire outside of the gym.


Businessman, fitness expert and boxing coach: Zoran Obradovic, from Serbia and now living in TEDA says:


"My fitness clothing is dependent on the type of a training I'm going to do. If it's weight lifting I'm wearing comfortable, baggy clothing. T-shirt, shorts, and sports shoes. When it's running time, then I'm slipping into running shoes. These are typically my most comfortable shoes. Running shoes, shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. When boxing it's comfort I choose. Boxing shoes are best, but running shoes will do. The shoes are important in boxing, there are a lot of short-quick steps during sparring, so there must be extra protection and comfort. I choose my fitness attire based on type of training I will do and if it's going to be outdoor or indoor training."


"To me the most important piece of gym/workout clothing is shoes and good quality socks. Everything else can be substituted with something, but when it comes to shoes, there is no compromise. Your ankles and feet will be grateful to you in the future. Good sports socks will keep your feet dry and allow better air circulation, so it will be more comfortable while practicing. Myself, I never use beanies, tight clothes or too many clothes. I think this makes body movements slower and uncomfortable compared with regular fitness apparel. My favorite fitness brands are: Not to attached to any, but like Adidas."


Model, Valeriia Ivanchenko, from Ukraine and now living in Qingdao says:


"I usually wear leggings and a t-shirt to the gym or for exercise. I like to keep my clothing simple for fitness. When choosing my fitness attire, I am guided by the texture and feel of the clothes. Next, I think about the color and style, but the most important thing in my opinion is: first, comfort and second: that it looks nice on me."


"Personally, I do not wear gym clothes outside of the gym. I like the sports style, but think that gym clothes are just for the gym." My favorite fitness brands are: VS by Victoria Secret and H&M.


Myself I am a bit of the Rocky Balboa type when it comes to my gym attire. Just about anything will work. Typically, my fitness attire is similar to the style of wresters, boxers or weightlifters; oversized sweatshirts, hoodies, tank-tops, shorts, etc. My focus during exercise is to avoid getting cold. Usually, my clothing is a bit of something new and old items mixed together. Maybe some new Nike kicks and a worn out old hoodie from my last design collection. Or maybe, my newest tank top design paired with my tried and true favorite track pants. Whatever it is, a sweatband for my head is almost always a must.


When I teach or practice yoga my attire is a bit different than during my personal exercise. During yoga, usually I will not wear a hoodie or sweatshirt. I usually will wear leggings, shorts, and a tank top. Many people do not know that leggings and tights which are usually now commonly referred to as "yoga pants," are very untraditional for yoga attire. Traditional yoga attire consisted of looser garments and/or minimal clothing depending on the practice. Traditional Indian yoga and the new Western or American yoga are very different. Typically, Westerners practice yoga simply for exercise and health, whereas Indian yoga is much more strict, complicated, and spiritual. My practice is purely exercise, and health based. Just like the differences in practices, yoga clothing is very different whether Western or Indian yoga. Since I do love fashion, I also love some of the elements of the beautiful, traditional Indian fashions, but my style is quite American, just like my practice. I am in love with this fitness fashion that is here to stay and look forward to seeing what is next in this ever-growing market.


Sometimes I wear my gym clothes outside of the gym, but it is usually because I will be on the way to the gym at some point after I finish what I am doing. I do not really have an in-between style, usually you will find me in my gym clothes or very nicely dressed.


Source: China Daily.

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