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Tips on Purchase
Tips on Purchase

GlobalTextiles.com hopes all textile buyers could have successful trade activities when sourcing on the Internet.
Here GlobalTextiles.Com provides some tips for buyers.
Source online regularly. You can search the updated information by browsingSelling Offers, Products, Companies of "Today's New" Channel.
When you have an urgent purchase or search a certain product, posting buying offers is the best way to collect suppliers' information fast. After that, you will probably get multiple responses from suitable suppliers. Post buying Offers Now.
If you would like to purchase with anonymity, please send Match Service the details of the product you want. Our buyer service teams will try their best to source suppliers and offer the supplier list for your reference. Direct contact is also warmly welcome.
Contact Us:  globaltextile
Make sure that you have sent the detailed request in your inquiry. Detailed and accurate information will get fast and effective responses.
For Example:
Describe the Product you are looking for
Product Quantity you want to buy
Product Price Range
Packing Details
Country of Origin
Delivery Lead Time and so on
Contact interested suppliers

Buyer Member: when you have a reply from a supplier, his/her message will be directly sent to your inbox of Message Center in "My Web Office", as well as your registered email address. All Buyer Members can directly contact supplier members by GlobalTextiles message systems which make the feedback more efficient. Attractive How to Sell and Premium Buyer services serve all registered buyer members professionally.
Non-member:please check your email address to receive supplier's response. Make sure that all your communication information is available.