What is an inquiry?

Inquiry works as an e-mail to contact your potential partner. Efficient reply to the inquiry makes your business more smoothly.

How to send inquiries?

1.Having searched the information you want by keywords, you can click on the linked item to get detailed information on the next web page. Simply clickand send you massage to the partner.
2. Once you have received an inquiry from your business partner, you only need click :"Reply" button to send returned message.

How can I get more responses?

Please make sure all your contact information is correctly submitted.
For Buyer:
When sending an inquiry to a supplier, please make sure you have stated your requirement in detail:
1)What kind of product you are looking for
2)The quantity you may order
3)Price range
4)Delivery time
5)Payment & Terms
6)Your location and other requirement
For Seller:
When sending an inquiry to a buyer, please make sure you have given complete information of your company.
1) Your company description
2) What kind of products you deal with
3) Answer the buyer according to his requirement.
4) Give your complete contact information in your inquiry.