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  • Shaoxing Keqiao Amanser Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is located in China Textile City, the largest textile distribution center in Asia. The detailed address is: Room 901-918, Fangdu Building, Keqiao District.For decades, the company has focused on the design and research and development of fashionable women's fabrics, with chiffon cut flowers, various jacquard, printing fabrics as the main.It has been selected as a popular fabric finalist for three consecutive years.Elegant chiffon bottom cloth, with elaborate design cut flowers patterns, or elegant, or noble, or lively, suitable for all kinds of temperament of women;Gold and silver cut flowers, cationic cut flowers, unique Chinese style, retro with modern elements;All kinds of large jacquard, as the main fabrics in autumn and winter, become the most bright-coloured flowers in autumn and winter;My company's first tassel cut flowers, is praised by domestic and foreign customers, with pure manual carefully constructed tassels, between hands and feet elegant and clever.Our company will continue to take customer demand as the center, constantly develop new products, well received by customers.We are determined to continue to provide customers with "more quality products, more intimate service", warmly welcome friends to come to discuss business.
  • Shaoxing fiber such as digital printing technology Co., Ltd. is located in Qixian Street Xingli holding a building on the fourth floor of a building with professional team and advanced equipment. The main business is digital printing design and processing, wholesale and retail proofing can be, welcome to the majority of customers to consult!
  • Our company is located in Keqiao China Textile City, the companyMainly engaged in cotton, polyester-cotton denim, printing, washing, sanding, punching, tying and other high-end denim fabrics, applied to work clothes, men's and women's clothing, school uniforms, shoes, pants and other related fields. over the years, committed to market development has established the good commercial prestige in the customer community
  • Shaoxing Koer Textile Co. , Ltd. ,Professional undertake all kinds of knitting in high-grade fabric orders professional undertake all kinds of knitting dyeing, printing, digital printing, stamping, creasing and other finished products orders
  • Division I is located in Zhejiang - Hangzhou - Chun'an County fenkou town Wuqiang road 25, the main business: Chiffon series simulation silk series of seersucker, hemp Chiffon beads, welcome the majority of new and old users to contact!
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