Ou Filter Technology Co.,Ltd
Company Profile
Products range: 1. Polyester Monofilament Fabric Polyester belt /Spiral fabric, drying screen/Filter Belt/Cloth/Mesh Sludge dewatering filter belt, Spiral press filter belt, Anti-static filter mesh, Desulfurization filter mesh, Plain weaving fabrics, Paper making mesh, Polyester woven dryer fabric, Pulp washing wire mesh, Polyester spiral dryer mesh, Polyester forming fabric Anti alkali mesh 2. Filter press Fabric, Larox filter fabric. For frame filter, chamber press filter, membrane press filter, disc filter, leaf filter, drum filter, Centrifuge Filter 3. Press filter belt For Vacuum Belt filter 4. Screen mesh fabric Printing screen mesh, bolting mesh, flour mesh, filter mesh • Polyester Printing Mesh • Stainless Steel Screen Printing Mesh • Polyamide Printing Mesh 5. Needle felt, filter felt, filter bags 6. Woven glass fiber filter fabric, woven glass fiber filter bag Fiberglass mesh for filter aluminum, Fiberglass mesh for casting filter 7. PTFE/Teflon glass mesh screen conveyor belt 8. Filter Cages and Frames 9. Depth Filtration: Depth filter sheets and filter pads Material is 100% cellulose filter sheets, cellulose and diatomaceous earth, cellulose and perlite, and cellulose, diatomaceous earth, and activated carbon. The filter sheets cover a complete range of filtration grades from 0.1 microns to 100microns, 10. Anode bags / cathode bags, canvas electrode bag, membrane bag for Electrolytic Ni and electrolytic Co 11. Air filter 12. Air slide fabric/belt, non woven air slide belt 13. Ceramic filter spare parts 14. Various filter spare parts and press filter Filter plate, vacuum hose, conveyor belt, acid proof hose, sealing, press gauges